Alberta As-Builts and Design Drafting Services, AADDS value to all projects. Creating accurate technical working documents (PIDS, Plot Plans, Area Classification, Mechanical Layouts, Power Distribution, Single Lines, Shutdown Keys, PLC Programs, Structural Layouts, etc.) for your records. Facilitating design, construction, deficiency definition and asset realization allowing for proper registrations to be put in place preserving the integrity of any asset.
 Complete list of services:
Project Management
Multidisciplinary as-building
Multidisciplinary design/drafting
Drawing/document management solutions
Plc programming
Governing body submissions (AEUB, AENV, ABSA, SIR, OGC, CEC)
Area classification definition/review
Hazop review
Technical specifications
Technical calculations
Field support
Technical / inspection and witnessing
Steel Detailing - XSTEEL, CADWORX and AUTOCAD - 10,000 ton+ jobs
Site Grading Design
Heat Tracing Iso's and Design
Project Management  
Electrical/Heat Tracing  
Heat Tracing  
Structural Steel Detailing  
On-Site Field Services  
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