Document Management Systems
We also provide drawing and document management software solutions to companies primarily in the Petrochemical and Engineering related industries.
AADDS' document management software solutions create a digital file cabinet for your organization, a trusted digital archive where you can securely store any document type and then find it within seconds, even years later. We have partnered with companies such as Trix Systems and Captaris to bring you document management software solution used by thousands of small and mid-size businesses, providing document scanning, document imaging, document archiving, fax archiving and electronic records management capabilities. Use our document management software to solve regulatory compliance problems, to improve productivity and operating efficiency, to provide a disaster recovery plan for documents and as advanced preparation for an electronic discovery request.
 What can AADDS do for your organization?
Reduce costs while increasing productivity and efficiency
Improve customer service and your competitive advantage
Reduce risk and address compliance
Regardless of the document type, AADDS can create a centralized digital archive and a familiar folder-based user experience. Use our solutions to consolidate documents from multiple systems and then deliver them to anyone who needs them via multiple delivery channels, including Web, email, CD, or DVD. Our solutions have been the choice of more than 11,000 organizations worldwide since 1993, AADDS is a name you can trust in document management software solutions.

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