Rate Sheet
 Multi Disciplinary Services
  Project Manager $125.00/hr
  Senior Technical Coordinator/Specialist $115.00/hr
  Senior Designer/Field Inspector $115.00/hr
  Senior Draftsperson $90.00/hr
  Intermediate Draftsperson $80.00/hr
  Junior Draftsperson $65.00/hr
  Clerical/Support $50.00/hr
  Cost +15%  
  Computer Station & Software $7.00/hr
  Mileage $1.25/km
  Per Diem $250.00/day
A project cost estimate can be provided once project parameters are defined; due to the nature of our work typically an hourly charge is most economical for our clients. We can also provide BULK DRAFTING RATES!
We offer a very competitive rate structure passing the savings directly onto you, therefore, we do not finance projects and invoice on a weekly basis (or per Contract Structure) payment is due upon receipt.
Interest is charged on overdue accounts (30 days) at the rate of 19.56% per annum (1.5% per month).
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